Base pronta Palastyle

✅ Fibre source ✅ Rolled out by hand
WITH: ✅ Extra virgin olive oil ✅ Sourdough

Pre-cooked pizza base like a gourmet pizza shovel, with a typical rectangular shape (20x30 cm), crunchy on the outside, soft and with honeycombing on the inside with a border. Made with indirect dough (biga), leavened 24 hours with sourdough, the high hydration makes it very light. The manufacturing method is artisanal, the pre-processing and the laying of each single base is done manually. Ideal for fragrant and honeycombed shovel-shaped pizzas, excellent sliced to share and enjoy together or gourmet aperitifs.

PROD.-NR. 2283
Package plastic sachet
Net weight 240 g
Packaging 8 individual sachets