Crema di zucca Mantovana

✅ For Vegetarians. WITH: ✅ 100% Mantua Pumpkin ✅ Processed Fresh In Season.
WITHOUT: ✅ Gluten.

Cream based on fresh Mantua pumpkin, obtained from selected varieties of pumpkin with a consistent and sweet paste. It is a cream with a dense, velvety structure and bright yellow colour, has a high yield and multiple possibilities of use. Ideal to flavour risottos and pasta, to prepare fillings (tortelli, ravioli, gnocchi...), to make soups, minestrone and purées and as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods.

PROD.-NR. 6252 4047
Package 1/1 1/2
Net weight 830 g 400 g
Packaging 6 tins 6 tins
Shelf Life 36 months 36 months