Gusto & Benessere Pizzapiù

Pizza is definitely good, but how good is it for you? Even the simplest topping contains too many calories and too much fat compared to the daily requirement and often causes a sharp increase in blood sugar. The PIZZAPIÙ project is a completely new idea for pizzerias, dedicated to the increasing number of consumers who are more and more attentive to wellness, to bring added quality to the pizzeria: nutritional quality. Nutrition is the science that studies how nutrients vary and their effects inside our body based on how they are used (quantity), treated (cooking) and combined with each other nutrients (bioavailability).

In collaboration with Dr. Chiara Manzi, an internationally renowned nutritionist, and with the extensive experience of the Dallagiovanna mill:

  • we have developed a mix and a ready-made base with balanced nutritional characteristics;
  • we have created specific toppings with the right amounts of iodised salt, reducing fat, increasing fibre and vitamins with attention to bioavailability for the body, while never allowing the dishes to exceed a total of 650 calories;
  • each recipe is verified and certified by the nutritionist and the certification mark can also be used on the menu to guarantee the lightness of the dish and the nutritional balance;
  • we organise theoretical and practical training to teach the basics of nutrition for pizza;
  • we are the first and the only ones in Italy to offer a complete range of products, tools and skills to make light, balanced and certified pizzas in a simple way, which are also ideal for lunch.

Chiara Manzi

She is the president and key player of Cucina Evolution Academy. Internationally renowned nutritionist, the leading expert in Antiaging Cuisine, created the first Culinary Nutrition school in Europe in July 2012 dedicated to food and health professionals. Awarded with an Oscar for nutritional health in May 2018, she was a guest of Unesco in Paris in June 2018 to present the evolution of pizza: a healthy pizza can be made.

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