Gourmet Pizza

This has become the protagonist of a revolution of tastes and textures that has taken hold in Italy and abroad and represents the union between cuisine and pizza, with well-defined characteristics::

  • the dough must be light and digestible, soft and hydrated and leavened for at least 24 hours;
  • the base must be crunchy after cooking;
  • Italian raw ingredients or those linked to the territory with particular characteristics, sometimes sophisticated and well described should be favoured for the toppings;
  • cut strictly into slices to share, to allow diners the opportunity to try numerous tastes;
  • the balance between toppings and sauces: the different flavours must work well together and enhance the dough. The topping must be evenly spread over the various slices to create the perfect bite;
  • the presentation and the matching of colours are important so that they can be nicely arranged for the tasting and create a lasting memory.

We have many solutions for Gourmet pizzas: from the numerous "Eccellenze d'Italia" cold cuts to fish carpaccios, all to be combined with the bases made with the exclusive Gourmet Mix or with the organic ready-to-use base, which is also suitable for coeliacs.