Prontofresco is our historic brand that identifies the line of products that have been specifically developed for restaurant and foodservice professionals. These are room temperature products that can be stored in the pantry until opened.
A complete range from starters to desserts to create a distinctive menu and to satisfy the many needs of eating out.

Freschi di Cucina

Freschi di Cucina is the line of ready-made speciality products, to be stored in the refrigerator, that was launched in 2004.
The Freschi di Cucina products provide restaurant and foodservice professionals in search of practicality and novelty with a dynamic service that is in line with new needs.
Traditional cold cuts from the different Italian regions.

Smart Cook

Smart Cook is intelligent cooking that preserves colours, flavours and natural textures thanks to the cooking technique of great Chefs: low-temperature vacuum cooking in steam ovens.
Smart Cook offers many advantages:
• it is SIMPLE COOKING, no added colourants or acidifiers;
• it is ESSENTIAL COOKING that produces no waste and has high yield;
• it is ATTENTIVE COOKING that keeps food costs under control;
• it is FAST COOKING, with complete dishes ready in 3 minutes;

A wide and very versatile range, launched in 2016, of ready-made and portioned products including: FIRST COURSES, SECOND COURSES OF MEAT AND FISH, SIDE DISHES. The ideal SOLUTION for:
- Hotels and accommodation facilities during low season and to satisfy room service requests without keeping the kitchen open;
- Bars and cafés without a kitchen and with very small spaces;
- A quick but tasty lunch break, saving time by offering high quality with a complete menu that can be changed every day;

Perfect dishes to combine together or with other Prontofresco products, processed from fresh and without added salt, fat or acidifiers: simply good just the way they are.
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Natura Colta

Natura Colta is the result of a long-lasting experience and know-how, passed down from farmers generations.

It is the result of the experience lived in contact with the land, knowledge and respect for nature, passion for food and good eating.

Natura Colta features the new line of vegetables selected during the harvest and manufactured manually, processed mildly and packed in trays.

This is a specialty line for the foodservice experts, studied to offer the most natural results. These specialties are ready-to-use, with no waste and guaranteed taste and quality.