Smart shopping with GreciXte

The work of those in the kitchen and those who run a business is extremely tiring, working many hours which often finish late. When the service time is finished, a quick look into the pantry and in the cold cell, a quick note on a piece of paper of the products to be reordered, and the lights are turned off.
Times change and rhythms are more and more frantic, that's why we have decided to also help our customers at this stage with a simple and fast tool to use:

Distances are shortened with GreciXte, and preparing the shopping list becomes easier:
• DIRECT CONTACT: you can chat with your Sales Consultant, our Chefs and the Company at any time;
• THE SHOPPING LIST: only one click is needed to create a shopping list of the products to be reordered;
• EVERYTHING ON YOUR SMARTPHONE: you can now consult the product range at any time from your mobile phone, be informed about the latest news, learn about all our gluten-free products or those suitable for vegetarians and vegans.