"Ready-made risotto seasoned with pumpkin. Rice packaged in a bag, cooked vacuum-packed at a low temperature, with added grated grana padano cheese, butter, broth mix, herbs and fresh Prontofresco Creamed Pumpkin. Open the bag into a bowl, add 80 ml of water and stir, cover with cling film and put it in the microwave. Pour the bag into a saucepan with 80 ml of water and heat it up while stirring." More Info


"Cream based on fresh Mantua pumpkin, obtained from selected varieties of pumpkin with a consistent and sweet paste. It is a cream with a dense, velvety structure and bright yellow colour, has a high yield and multiple possibilities of use. Ideal to flavour risottos and pasta, to prepare fillings (tortelli, ravioli, gnocchi...), to make soups, minestrone and purées and as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods." More Info


"Cream of pumpkin prepared with recipe suitable for vegans. Sweet, caramelised, creamy and velvety. Ready-to-use. Suitable for creating vegan dishes. To season pasta, rice, gnocchi, to prepare fillings (ravioli, tortelli), to make soups, purées and also as topping for pizzas and bruschetta." More Info