"Classic Polpachef is the historic Greci tomato pulp, the flagship of the entire production. It is produced in the heart of summer from well ripe fruit of selected varieties grown on strictly controlled soils. Very versatile and made in different sizes. The special processing technique limits the presence of seeds and peel and maintains a structure with small pieces. The structure and the sweet and fresh taste together with the high yield make the product ideal for every application: pizzas, bruschettas, seasonings and sauces." More Info


"It is a sweet sauce prepared with assorted red fruits of the (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). The high percentage of pulp (34%) and the special recipe using top quality ingredients give the product a very high quality and value. The sweet, rich taste, the typical purple colour and the presence of the fruit seeds, make the appearance of the sauce inviting and very natural. It's a ready-to-use sauce, packed in a soft plastic bottle with an "open and close" cap." More Info


"Norwegian salmon salted by hand and smoked in a natural way with beech wood, cut into cubes and strips about 1 cm thick. The pleasantly smoky taste, the delicate and fleshy texture and the cut make this product ideal to create trendy dishes such as poke bowls with vegetables, legumes, seeds and fruit, to enrich mixed salads of all kinds, even with pasta and rice, to prepare tasty tartare and starters," More Info


"The Lui is a raw ham from Norcia that, in addition to having obtained the PGI recognition, has the distinctive trait of having a very careful preparation that is completed with a 24 month maturation in the clean and fresh air of the Sibillini Mountains, that gives thickness and sweetness to the ham. The resulting product can certainly be considered one of the most exclusive of its kind, embellished with spices that make it unique even in appearance. The slice has a red/pink colour as opposed to the white of the fat and a delicate flavour. Ideal for knife cutting, for prestigious starters and for gourmet cold cut boards. It's wrapped in an amaranth handkerchief." More Info


" New potatoes cut and baked with oil, iodised sea salt and fresh rosemary. The size of the cut and delicate seasoning make this classic side dish the perfect pairing for both meat and fish main courses. " More Info


"Semi-finished product for exclusive pizza made with type 00 soft wheat flour to which are added different elements, including special grains and selected seeds in tried and tested quantities. The mix contains a skilful balance between tritordeum flour, teff flakes, flaxseed, linseed, quinoa and amaranth in grains, vegetable fibre... which together make the product very workable and with excellent performance also in cooking. The pizza dough mix with this semi-finished product is highly digestible. The product is recommended for its nutritional quality." More Info


"Ready-to-use sauce prepared with 'nduja, a typical Calabrian speciality and tomato pulp. Its exquisitely spicy flavour and good spreadability make it very versatile: for pizzas and bruschettas, for rolls and sandwiches, to dress pasta and with grilled meats." More Info


"Drops of white balsamic vinegar flavoured with ginger root, in sauce. The special processing with calcium alginate, ensures small pearls, crumbly on the palate and very attractive looking. The taste characterised by a pleasant note of ginger and the colour of a soft yellow, make the product very current, ideal to complete original dishes both savoury and sweet (white meat, fish and shellfish, carpaccio, salads, on ice cream and sorbets)." More Info


"Sliced and dried beetroot. The variegated purple red colour and the crunchiness make these crisps ideal as decorations for first courses or second courses based on both meat and fish; perfect on starters and in general to serve any kind of dish with a touch of exclusivity. Rehydrated in water they soften and give off their natural colour. In this way they also provide coloured and aromatic water for the preparation of original beetroot risottos." More Info


"Caper leaves grown and processed on the island of Pantelleria. Harvested at the height of vigour, they are sorted with care for integrity. They are cleaned and arranged by hand in the jar which is then filled with extra virgin olive oil. The size of the leaves, the decorative appearance, the crunchy texture make it the ideal complement to refined dishes. The pleasantly herbaceous taste and the right balance between flavour and acidity make the product ideal to season and garnish fish, meat, cooked and raw vegetables." More Info