"Special type "0" bread, made with only vegetable fats and without hydrogenated fats. Product to be enriched with a variety of seasonings and fillings, toast and gratin in the oven, for a tasty bruschetta. It is the ideal base to accompany aperitifs, to make bruschettas or topped toast as a starter. Each sachet contains 4 slices of bread." More Info


"Pucce are traditional Pugliese round bread shapes. Prontofresco Puccia Salentina is made with natural yeast, a mixture of soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina enriched with wheat germ to make the dough soft inside. Cooking on stone instead gives crunchiness and colour to the crust of this Southern culinary gem." More Info


"Powder mix to make an exquisite chocolate cake with a dark chocolate heart. The chocolate cake typically has a dark brown colour, a moist and creamy interior and a rich and distinct taste of dark chocolate and butter. This mix is made following the traditional recipe and is characterised by the high presence of cocoa and chocolate: 11% cocoa powder (containing 22-24% cocoa butter. It is therefore not low-fat cocoa) and 4% powdered chocolate. It is a complete mix that requires only the addition of water; to be baked in the oven. the cake has a fine and compact consistency inside. The same mix can also be used for the preparation of chocolate soufflé. characterised by the high presence of cocoa and chocolate." More Info


"Powder mix for the classic soft and fluffy sponge cake; it is a complete mix to be diluted with water and baked in the oven; the elastic and soft structure allows a regular cut even in thin layers." More Info


"Medium-sized snail shells, essential for preparing and serving snails à la Bourghignonne. The shells are preferably used in a traditional or fan oven at a temperature between 180° and 200°." More Info


"Sliced pork, boned, stuffed and baked. The suckling pig's bacon, soft and with a delicate flavour, is prepared in slices, after being seasoned with herbs and stuffed. It is roasted and baked in the oven. The soft, compact texture also allows fairly thin slices to be cut. The slice is suitable for the preparation of hot roasts, or to fill sandwiches." More Info


"Lightly smoked duck breast, baked in the oven. Sophisticated and high yield cut. The delicate processing to which the raw ingredient is subjected preserves the anatomic cut of the meat and maintains the characteristic area of fat and skin that gives it its typical flavour. The light smoking, obtained with a wood-fired oven, further enhances the delicate and sweet taste. The soft meat and the compact consistency also allow the cutting of very thin slices, ideal for toast and refined starters." More Info


"Oven-roasted silverside of Black Angus beef. Superior quality, purebred Black Angus cattle. The silverside cut, tasty and soft, is ideal for English-style preparation. Seasoned with salt and herbs, it is baked in the oven and has a rosy colour inside. The slices, processed and vacuum-packed, have a sweet, delicate flavour; it is ideal as Roast beef to be served sliced, seasoned with oil and herbs." More Info


"Cooked and mashed potatoes, with milk, cream, butter, Grana Padano cheese, sea salt, nutmeg, white pepper. The mashed purée is portioned in special sachets and vacuum cooked, then quickly chilled. It has a rich nutmeg flavour and a pleasant creamy texture. To regenerate the product, it is advisable to place the closed sachet in hot water at 70°C or, after opening the sachet, heat in a 600/800 W microwave oven for a minute and a half. It is the ideal side dish for braised meat, stews, cutlets, stews, sausages, roasts..." More Info


"Spinach cleaned and seasoned with butter, nutmeg, sea salt, portioned in vacuum-packed sachets, steamed in a combined oven and then quickly chilled. To regenerate the product it is recommended to place the closed sachet in hot water at 70°C or, after opening the sachet, heat in a 600/800 W microwave oven for a minute and a half. Thanks to the particular type of cooking the vegetables maintain a bright colour and a rich flavour. Ideal as a side dish to meat and fish dishes." More Info